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Charles Morey


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In Repertory, March 1 - MAY 10

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Critics Choice

18th-century subversion meets Larry David lunacy in this effortlessly buoyant adaptation of Beaumarchais' classic account of one crazy day at the Almavivas. Director Michael Michetti's innate sense of creative anachronism neatly dovetails with Charles Morey's witty, rococo text, and his engaging cast embraces the mischief and mayhem without a weak link, resulting in a knee-slapping blast. L.A TIMES (David C. Nichols) 

"FIGARO" Rating: Five Stars
Chock full of fun A Noise Within’s production of “Figaro” is a fast-paced, colorful and witty romp in the finest French farce tradition. Freely adapted by Charles Morey from Beaumarchais’ “The Marriage of Figaro,” this west coast premiere keeps true to the original, but with a modern sensibility that emphasizes the timelessness of its themes... “must see” - THE EXAMINER

Morey’s work is not a new translation of the original French script, but rather an updated adaptation. And boy, is it funny!... This production is sure to be remembered as one of the funniest of 2015. Don’t miss it! - ROB STEVENS

"French Farce Done Right... Now, at A Noise Within in Pasadena, Charles Morey’s admittedly loose adaptation of Beaumarchais’ “Figaro” seems destined to be a solid hit. It’s just that funny...  Indeed, this wry Figaro proves almost contemporary in his humor, perhaps because Morey readily admits “freely adapting” the older tale to meet the tastes of a modern sensibility...“Figaro” is the one to come and laugh at, and with. So do it. - Frances Braun Nicholson, PASADENA INDEPENDENT 

Morey keeps the spirit of the original work, but presents a play perfectly palatable for contemporary audiences...Morey’s Figaro pulls us in and leads us through a play that does not seek to improve upon Beaumarchais’s original work, but to transport us in a way so that we may experience the story fully...The farce and wit of the story and rendering is enough reason to see the show. The acting and intelligent direction push the play to the realm of delight. And the design and playful opulence are the theatrical cherry on top....Tremendous. RECOMMENDED - Vanessa Cate, STAGE RAW

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Photos by Craig Schwartz

THE GRANITE STATE - By Charles Morey  received its premiere at the Peterborough Players, July 23 - August 3, 2014.)

The Granite State is a smart and topical new comedy about aging, love, loss, literature, family - and blackmail. It is about both the responsibility of being an artist and the price one pays - not to mention the price one pays for being related to an artist. George is a famous novelist who has secluded himself in a New Hampshire farmhouse where he broods upon the death of his third wife and his fears of aging. When he unexpectedly wins a major literary prize with a serious cash award attached, his world collapses into chaos upon the arrival of his son and future daughter-in-law; his new girlfriend, a beautiful and smart Russian stripper with a passion for literature; and his two ex-wives, one, an actress, the other, once the model for the “iconic sixties feral-child hippie sex goddess” in George’s first major novel, now a Texas Tea Party stalwart. The inevitable explosion of recriminations, ego, need, jealousy and greed is fueled by extreme weather, Russian food and plenty of vodka but ultimately resolved by a bundle of forgotten letters and a chainsaw. (One interior set, cast of 6, 4 women, 2 men.) 
Listed by The Boston Globe as one of six theatre events among "New England's Thirty-Five Can't Miss Arts Events of the Season." 


“He draws you in with his wit and intellect. He is loquacious, dramatic, self-involved, hedonistic, moody, with a penchant for falling in love. He’s a writer named George in Charles Morey’s brand new play THE GRANITE STATE … it’s the good, the bad and the ugly in George that is so engrossing… a believable comical portrayal of  a weekend gone awry for an aging writer who comes to see his situation in true dramatic fashion, as a life and death matter.”

                                                                                   The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

"It was a pleasure to premiere Chuck Morey's funny and moving comedy, THE GRANITE STATE, at the Peterborough Players.  It touched a resonant nerve with our audience, provided meaty roles for our acting company and proved very popular at the box office."
                                                                                   Gus Kaikkonen, Artistic Director, Peterborough Players




"The Granite State," the Latest Act for Playwright Charles Morey, Premieres in New Hampshire

July 8th, 2014
Playwright and director Charles Morey talks about The Granite State, his Cowardesque new American comedy premiering July 23-Aug. 3 at Peterborough Players, his first and continuing artistic home, in southern New Hampshire. The play reflects the New England geography of the venerable summer stock troupe, but it also draws on the playwright'scontinue reading→

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA - L.A. Theatreworks announces 2015-2016 National Tour under the auspices of Baylin Artists Management


Bram Stoker’s novel of 1897, Dracula, was published with little popular fanfare. Critics, however, praised the author and put Stoker in the category of Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. But audiences didn’t flock to the tale of this otherworldly being that feeds off others to preserve eternal life, until the early-mid 1900s when film versions generated enormous press for the title. Invasion stories, during the height of British colonialism, were made popular by Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle and others, but Stoker’s Dracula was like nothing the world had seen. This gothic horror is a classic for all time and has spawned hundreds of spin-offs in popular culture from Twilight to True Blood.

In Charles Morey’s acclaimed adaptation, Count Dracula slips quietly into Victorian London with a cargo of his native Transylvanian soil, necessary for rest between his victims. The city seems helpless against his frightful power, and only one man, the smart and resourceful Dr. Van Helsing, can stop the carnage. But to do this, he must uncover the vampire's lair and pierce Dracula’s heart with a wooden stake- setting up an epic confrontation of good vs evil. Over the years, the story of Dracula has been used as commentary in modern studies of psychology, women’s issues, and colonialism, while never losing its place as one of the greatest horror stories ever told.  

Link to preview of L.A. Theatreworks Live Radio Play version of "Dracula"

  - Freely adapted from Beaumarchais by CHARLES MOREY (World Premiere commissioned  by The PEARL THEATRE COMPANY ) -  October 19 through December 2, 2012 at the Pearl Theatre Company, 555 West 42nd St., NYC

  CRITIC'S PICK:  ★ ‘Figaro’ The playwright Charles Morey rescues Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais’s late-18th century comedy “The Marriage of Figaro” from the shadow of its more celebrated operatic incarnation with this witty new adaptation for the Pearl Theater Company, inaugurating the classical troupe’s new home on West 42nd Street. Directed with a light touch and an infectious wink by Hal Brooks, the farce takes aim at ruling-class entitlement just as surely today as it did in pre-Revolution France. The energetic ensemble is led by Sean McNall and Jolly Abraham as the crafty servant Figaro and his bride-to-be, and Chris Mixon as the lascivious Count determined to get a piece of pre-wedding action (2:10). Pearl Theater, 555 West 42nd Street, Clinton, (212) 563-9261, (Rooney)  

LAUGHING STOCK - Recent/upcoming productions in Arizona, California, British Columbia, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Illinois, Alabama, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Utah, Indiana, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York State, New York City 

FIGARO - Recent/upcoming productions in New York State (Curtain Call Theatre), Illinois, Texas, Austria (University of Grasz), Maine, New York City (Cooper Union), Florida (Theatre Jacksonville), Kansas 

THE LADIES MAN - Recent/upcoming productions in New York State, Rhode Island, Oregon, Texas, North Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Washington, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Israel, Connecticut, Michigan, Illinois, Australia, Ontario, Quebec, North Carolina, California 

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO - Recent/upcoming productions in New Zealand, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, California, Illinois, Washington (Spokane Civic Theatre), The Netherlands, Ohio, Montana, North Carolina, Georgia, Australia, Tennessee, Ontario, 

THE THREEE MUSKETEERS - Recent/upcoming productions in Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, California, Georgia, Ohio

DRACULA - Recent productions in Singapore (The Stage Club) and Colorado 


FIGARO - Published by Dramatists Play Service
THE LADIES MAN - Published by Dramatists Play Service
LAUGHING STOCK - Published by Dramatists Play Service
THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO - Published by Playscripts
THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Published by Playscripts
DRACULA - LA Theatreworks Radio version available at
Scripts and Licensing for all other titles, please contact Harden-Curtis Associates ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )




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